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Rocket Mozzafiato Evo R Weiß

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Top double water circuit machine with rotary pump, main water option and double manometer.

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Rocket Cellini Evoluzione V2

The new model of Rocket Espresso with rotary pump and optionally main water connection or water tank version. Equipped with 2 black manometers, boiler isolation, 58mm aluminum tamper, 2 thermostats with the CB certification. 


The Evoluzione series of Rocket Espresso combine highest quality and first-class design in perfection. Daniele Berenbruch and his team have created the Rocket Cellini Evoluzione V2 as “the state of the art” product among the 2 water circuit (with heat exchanger) among espresso machines with Faema E61 brewing group. Our compliments!


Details that we liked the most:

  • Equipped with 2 black manometers, boiler isolation, 58mm aluminum tamper, 2 thermostats with the CB certification.. Elegant design combined with sophisticated technology inside.
  • Water tank version and main water connection in a filter holder machine. With a tumbler switch one can easily and without any problem choose which water supply to use. 
  • No-Burn steam and hot water pipes
  • Rubber legs with stainless steel sheath
  • For refilling or empting of the water tank, no need to remove the cup warming grid 


Product Info:

Body: chrome-nickel steel 18/10

Brewing group: Faema E61: Professional Espresso brew unit, 4.05 kg

Coffee prebrewing: the pre-brewing function only makes sence with the main water connection because then we have the pressure of the piping system. 

Advantage: a wonderfully made coffee, an espresso with an exceptional aroma, flavor and the perfect crema!

Thermosyphon system: corresponds to the system of commercial espresso machines and is about 20% larger, than in similar traditional espresso coffee machines. The high thermal stability optimizes the extraction results.

Boiler: copper (Cu99,9) with a flange from lead-free brass. The quality boiler achieves 40% higher thermal efficiency. To prevent copper from oxidation, boiler is nickel plated. Cap.: 1,8 l.

Steam pipe: chrome-nickel steel 18/10. The patented Cool Touch technology achieves three advantages: easy cleaning, as milk does not stick to the pipe. Also reduced risk of burns, only the steam nozzle becomes hot. The energy is concentrated at the tip, therefore the optimal results in the milk foaming is easily reached.

Electronic control: a microprocessor controls the automatic water level control of a water tank and a boiler. The warning system protects your espresso machine, when the water level is low.

Heating element: heater’s power and boiler’s volume are in optimal balance. Fast heating of the espresso machine is guaranteed by a 1,200 watt heating element with a special alloy for a durability (approximately five times longer, than with conventional heating elements).

Pump: extremely quiet running, commercial volumetric rotary pump with the possibility of external pressure adjustment (no vibration pump).

Safety valve: certified industrial safety valve

Measurements: (WxDxH): 33 cm x 42.5 cm x 37 cm

Distance spout - base plate: 8,5 cm

Weight: 23 kg


1 filter holder with double spout

1 filter holder with single spout

1 14g basket

1 7g basket

1 blind filter

1 aluminium tamper

1 cleaning brush

1 measuring spoon

1 plastic railing

1 cleaning cloth

1 very good operating manual with CD




Up to early nineties, Ennio Berti was a technical developer at one of the largest manufacturers of espresso machines in Italy. Then he became self-employed. Berti believed, that the time has come for a radical change: for a household espresso machine in professional performance. So he developed an excelent espresso machine and started developing at the last thing in the"chain": the perfect espresso in the cup. Because that's what matters. The machine was newly thought through to the smallest detail and embodied. Thus the copper boiler is fitted with a lead-free flange, which critically improves the thermal qualities. The boiler is nickel plated to prevent oxidation of copper. The thermosiphon system is designed anew. Steam and hot water pipes are with "Cool Touch" – a system that prevent heating up of the entire pipes - only the tip is hot. So the energy is directed to where it belongs -at the steam nozzle, thus ensuring even better milk foaming. Heater’s power and boiler’s volume are in optimal balance. The 1200 watt special heating element provides fast heating up time. 


In 2007 the ECM Italy split up, with ECM focusing on the professional machinery, and the household sector, led by the son of the founder Daniele Berenbruch, Andrew Meo and Jeff Kennedy in the Rocket Espresso Milano Ltd. came to bloom .


2 years warranty for Rocket for private use (commercial use: 1 year warranty).

In case of warranty, we take care of the transport costs whithin Germany. Please keep the original packaging, it ensures safe transport of the machine.

Technical Information


Rocket Cellini Plus PID 

Body material/colour:

Stainless steel polished & non-magnetic AISI304


2 manometers for the boiler pressure and pressure of the brew group

max. power:

1350 Watt, 50/60 Hz

Water tank:

4 Liter max. capacity 

Brewing group:

Faema E61 with thermosyphon - hot water circulation


1,8 Liter, copper


Rotary pump with shock absorber

Filter holder diameter:


Basket diameter:


Main water connection:

yes, water tank as alternative option

Heat exchanger (2-circuit-system):



Switch, locked upwards 

Steam pipe: Cold Touch with a 2-hole nozzle

Hot water:

Knob tap of bakelite

Operating noise level:

very quiet due to the shock absorber


23 kg

Measurements in mm:

(W) 330 x (D) 425 x (H) 390

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Siebträger Espressomaschinen von Rocket Espresso für Zuhause.


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