Bezzera is the Espresso-veteran. In 1901 Luigi Bezzera has patented an innovative process for the production of coffee. Soon the first espresso machine was born and was presented in 1906 at the Milan International Fair. 

Over time, the company became a developer with continual passion for espresso machines, now already over four generations of Bezzera family. Currently Bezzera lead by Guido and his son Luca, the company is proud of - and rightfuly so - to have kept the entire manufacturing process of its products in-house. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent stainless steel processing of Bezzera machines.


DieCrema is proud of its close and trusting relationship with the Bezzera family and the Bezzera team. To have a short access to manufacturer for questions and comments about the machines is extremely important to us. 

DieCrema sells domestic and gastro-machines of Bezzera. This includes ready available electrically heated brewing grop BZ series BZ07, BZ10 and BZ13. With a temperature stable water flow of the E61 brew group, we introduce the single water circuit machine Unica and as dual circuit machines Magica, Giulia, Mitica and a beautiful Galatea. In addition, the Strega Top as a hand lever machine and of course the professional series, such as the Eagle Dome. Moreover excellent grinders of Bezzera, the BB05 and BB012.


All Bezzera machine are completely manufactured in the factory in Rosate. 







Bezzera Cappuccino