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Elegant, classic and perfect workmanship.

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In stock in ca. 1-3 Werktagen



with polished stainless steel body with welded and polished edges

with high cup railing and tumbler switch

with brew group Faema E61 and thermosyphon system

with hot water and steam lever taps

with 2 manometers for boiler and pump pressure

with 2 filter holders with double- and single spout


The Bezzera Mitica S MN is a further development of the Bezzera Giulia with perfect workmanship and really successful design. An absolute classic with a raised side panel, rounded edges and carefully welded seams. In our opinion Bezzera’s masterpiece.

The Machine is started by a preassure switch you find in the middle of Faema-61 brew group, which is operated by a small lever.

The two independent water circuits, by means of a heat exchanger, guarantee freshly heated water, so you can enjoy your espresso of a constantly high quality.

The machine is featuring 2 manometers: boiler manometer (0-3 bar), at which the boiler pressure is shown, and the pump manometer (0-16 bar), which indicates the pressure of the brew group.

Both lever tabs of steam and hot water are solid and easily regulated. Process of foaming the milk is also very uncomplicated.  

4 liter tank can be filled, without removing the cup-holding grid. Due to the big opening, filling of the tank is very easy and does not require a funnel.  

The machine automatically switches off when the water level is too low. This makes the damage from the idle run of empty machine practicly excluded. 

Mitica S MN is, like all Bezzera machines, made out high quality and wearproof metal parts. Plastic is mainly avoided. 

The difference between Bezzera Giulia and Bezzera Mitica is that the body frame of Mitica is prolonged as a cup railing, whereas Giulia has a stainless steel bars as a cup railing. That is the reason why Bezzera Giulia is slightly cheaper in production and therefore less in price. Other than that in technical part both machines are identacal.  



1 filter holder with double spout with baskets for 6g and 12g

1 filter holder with single spout

1 blind filter

1 cleaning brush

1 plactic temper

1 measuring spoon


Information about brew unit preassure

Due to the low flow range of 15 l per hour, vibration pump require slightly higher preassure than rotary pump, which has a capacity of 100 l per hour.

Espresso machines with vibration pump produce pump preassure of 10-11 bar in the brew group for optimal result for espresso.

Bezzera established these results through long testing and all machines are perfectly set by a manufacturer.


2 years warranty for Bezzera Mitica S MN for private use (commercial use: 1 year warranty).

In case of warranty, we take care of the transport costs whithin Germany. Please keep the original packaging, it ensures safe transport of the machine.

Technical Information

Technical data

Body of polished stainless steel

Two separated manometer for boiler pressure and pump preassure

2 liter copper boiler

Brew group Faema E61 with thermosyphon system

4 liter water tank with electronic control

Separate circuit with heat exchanger for fresh water for coffee

Vibration pump Ulka EX 5

Size (WxHxD): 32,2 x 44 x 45 cm.

Power supply: 220-240V

Resistance: 1350 Watt

Weight: 24 kg

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